First Aid at Work

Course Fee: £249.99

Course Description

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The First Aid at Work also provides comprehensive training for those who are required to be the designated first aider within their workplace.

Course Overview
The First Aid at Work training course offers a broad set of practical skills required by first aiders in most workplaces offering the learners skills, knowledge, and confidence to deal with first aid emergencies. The First Aid at Work training course meets the standards required to comply with Health and Safety (First aid) regulations. First aid at work course enables successful candidates to carry out the duties of a First Aider in the workplace.

It is very important that first aid is offered by someone who has the best knowledge, skills, and experience. Subsequently proper and timely act can stop minor injuries from becoming major and may even prevent a casualty.

This course is ideally suitable to workplaces where a risk assessment has identified the need for staff to possess appropriate first aid skills and knowledge.

When an employer has identified that they require a fully qualified First Aider, then an individual should be nominated for training in compliance with HSE guidance and legal obligations.

Anyone can possibly come across to an accident or become ill at work, therefore it is extremely important that there is always someone available to offer the right level of First Aid for that situation.

Course Aims
The main aims of first aid training are preserving life, preventing injury or illness from getting worse, relieving pain, aiding recovery, and protecting the unconscious.

Course Objectives
By the end of the course the learners will be able to
• Assess and prioritise a first aid incident
• Deal with an unconscious casualty
• Carry out resuscitation (CPR)
• Control bleeding and manage shock
• Deal with injuries to bones, muscles, and joints
• Deal with a casualty suffering burns and scalds
• Manage eye injuries
• Deal with casualties overcome by fumes or suffering from poisoning
• Maintain first aid records
• Use and maintain first aid kits
• AED (Use of an AED, chain of survival, safety considerations)
• Deal with a broad range of common injuries and illnesses until the arrival of medical care

Course Outline
The First Aid training course will cover following topics:
• First Aid Priorities
• Managing Incidents
• Basic Life Support
• Examination of a Casualty
• Unconsciousness
• Control of Bleeding
• Fractures
• Burns and Scalds
• Common Illnesses
• Chest Pains including Heart Attacks & Angina
• Eye Injuries
• Head injuries
• Seizures (Adults)
• Shock
• Asthma
• Fainting/Feeling Faint
• Low Blood Sugar/Diabetic Emergencies
• Allergic reaction
• Stroke
• Spinal injuries
• Dressings
• Recording and Reporting
• Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations
• First Aid Kits

Who is this course for?
This course is designed for people who want to receive our most comprehensive first aid training. This first aid at work training is most suited to those working in high-risk environments. In high-risk industries all first aiders should complete this course. This includes people working within:
• Construction
• Engineering,
• Hospitality including
• Events and festivals
• Factories
• Manufacturing
• Commercial kitchens
• Warehouses where machinery is used
• Chemicals

The certificate is also valid for anyone intending to become a first aid trainer. It is recommended that low risk businesses who are responsible for over 100 individuals should have at least one person qualified in first aid at work.

Completion of the course
Candidates will be individually practically assessed and receive a course handout summarising the topics covered. Successful candidates will receive a First Aid at Work certificate.