Life in the UK Test

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Course Description

  • One to One Classes
  • Full Tutor Support Throughout the course
  • Convenient and Flexible
  • Well experienced Trainers
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The Life in the UK test gauges your understanding of UK history and culture. At GCC we will help you prepare for all parts of the test. We provide you with the knowledge and the resources to better understand the test. We help you build your self-confidence and explain to you everything needed to pass the test. We use a unique learning approach while teaching these topics so that you not only remember the topics but also have a clearer understanding of how you will be tested during your exam.

We can help you with your study and prepare you for your test. We have qualified and experienced teachers who will give you individual guidance. You will also have the opportunity to do some practice tests with genuine Life in the UK questions which enable you to check your progress and to see which areas you still need to improve.

We can help you prepare for the Life in the UK Test. This is a requirement to apply for
- Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK (Permanent Resident)
- Naturalisation/British Citizenship.

The course will help you to pass the Life in the UK Test:
- The course will give you all the key facts and dates you need to pass the test
- By taking you through and helping you to understand the official Life in the UK handbook
- This course can guide and offer you with necessary practice to strengthen your knowledge and exam technique.
- Increase your chances of passing the test and achieving your citizenship/permanent residency.
- The course will increase your ability to use the English language and learn up to date information relating to life in the UK

The Life in the UK preparation test is an intensive course which is delivered by qualified and experienced trainers.

Test Summary

Test Name: Life in the UK Test
Duration: 45 minutes
Pass Mark: 75% (18 or more out of 24)
Result: Same day
Course Content:
Section 1: The values and principles of the UK
- The fundamental principles of British life
- Responsibilities and freedoms of all UK residents
- Becoming a permanent resident
- Taking the Life in the UK test

Section 2: What is the UK?
- Countries that make up the UK

Section 3: A Long and illustrious history
- The history of early Britain
- The Middle Ages
- The Tudors and the Stuarts monarchs of the UK
- A global power
- The 20th century
- Britain since 1945

Section 4: A modern, thriving society
- The UK today (cities and population etc.)
- Religion
- Customs and traditions
- Sports
- Arts and culture
- Leisure
- Places of interest

Section 5: The UK government, the law and your role
- Development of British democracy
- The British constitution (including constitutional institutions)
- The government (including devolved administrations of the UK)
- The UK and international institutions
- Respecting the law
- Fundamental principles and rights
- Your role in the community