Mental Health First Aid

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Course Description

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Raise Awareness and Reduce Stigma
Approximately 1 in 4 people in the UK experience mental health issues each year while 792 million people are usually affected by mental health issues globally. Training your employees in Mental Health First Aid is not only shows the value you give to your employees but also fulfilling the responsibility to look after your staff’s wellbeing. The mental illnesses are regarded as having very common and long lasting impact than any other health conditions.

This MHFA course will help to understand the basic knowledge of Mental Health and how to challenge stigma of some common mental health issues.

This two day Mental Health First Aid course designed to give the participants the training and the skills to become mental health first aiders. This training will provide the learners better understanding of mental health issues and enable them to know about the factors which can affect daily routine living activities. This course delivers practical skills to learners which enable them to spot any mental illness signs and give them self-confidence to step in and provide the support and guide them towards proper professional assistance.

We offer Mental Health workshops in local schools and community centres to raise awareness and reduce stigma of some common Mental Health issues.

We organise workshops for schools at a certain level for children of primary, secondary schools to increase awareness and train them to identify the early stages of any mental health problem. This training will help them to understand their mental health and emotional wellbeing. It will also enable them to help everyone suffering with mental health issues. The knowledge and awareness empower them to stop someone from self-harming or hurting others and how they can approach for professional help. This will give them the chance to talk, express their emotions and feelings which will help them to stop their mental ill health from worsening.

Teaching will be delivered through scenario based learning, group work, showing pupils different emotions and how to recognise any possible signs. Pupils will also learn how to channel their emotions and keep a healthy mind. If we can teach our children from a young age and explain them how to look after for their mental health, this will not only save them from any trauma to their minds but also give them first-hand knowledge to break the stigma of a mental health problem.

We also provide Mental Health First Aid workshops and give training to businesses to reduce their staff sickness by taking care of their staff’s mental health and wellbeing. We also train them to recognise signs of depression, how to deal with panic, anxiety attacks and how to get most needed professional help.