Private Hire Drivers Knowledge Test (taxi assessment test)

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Throughout in the UK various councils require you to pass the Private Hire Drivers Knowledge Test (taxi assessment test) to drive a taxi or private hire vehicle. The main aim of this test is to ensure the driving ability of anyone who wants to drive for taxi or private hire is to an acceptable level of safety and has sufficient level of knowledge of the Highway Code and of the vehicle. The private hire knowledge assessment test is a standard used to ensure that the driver has good English language understanding and has the knowledge of safeguarding and health & safety issues and has disability awareness knowledge and always offers appropriate consideration to the passengers.

At GCC we can help you to prepare for Private Hire Drivers Knowledge Test.

Private Hire driver knowledge test is an essential step towards Taxi Badge. The course includes a variety of topics including safeguarding and plying for hire. If you are struggling with your Private Hire Drivers Knowledge Test and looking for some help in order to pass your taxi assessment test, then GCC is the best choice for you. At GCC we have multilingual, qualified & experienced trainers who can help you to overcome your learning difficulties.

We cover following topics for taxi assessment test.
Topic 1 Personal safety
Topic 2 Customer safety
Topic 3 Customer care
Topic 4 Road and passenger safety
Topic 5 Vehicle conditions
Topic 6 Licence conditions
Topic 7 English Language assessment
Topic 8 Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults
Topic 9 Knowledge about Modern Slavery
Topic 10 Disability awareness Knowledge
Topic 11 CSE awareness
Topic 12 The Health Act 2006
Topic 13 Environmental Protection Act 1990
Topic 14 The licensing process
Topic 15 Plying for hire
Topic 16 County lines
Topic 17 Enforcement and compliance

WE cover Wolverhampton, Solihull and Birmingham city councils. For any information please feel free to contact us.